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The LinuxHelpOuts protects and promotes the ideals of freedom and generous collaboration established through the development of Linux, and shares these ideals to power any endeavor aiming to make the future a better place in which to live.

By supporting the kernel development community and fostering collaboration on a truly massive scale, the LinuxHelpOuts unites thousands of curious minds in the free and open exchange of ideas.

We are here to provide the crucial services and collaborative infrastructure to continue Linux's advancement and protection, and we're here to serve as a tour guide for companies who need to build an open source strategy for their business and make the most of the new collaborative software economy.

Over 500 companies have joined our movement and are members of the LinuxHelpOuts, making the Linux Foundation the largest open source non-profit in the world. If you need to build an open source competency within your company — and if you're a technology company you do — we can help.

Our conferences bring together the developers, maintainers and administrators of open source software in over 50 events per year, across the globe. If you are interested in reaching and influencing open source leaders or making the most of your shift to open source, join us at one of our conferences.

Our comprehensive library of Training and Certification offerings is designed both to nurture the next generation of Linux and open source talent and to ensure that the current generation develops the skills it will need tomorrow. Our goal is to grow the open source talent pool and connect them to the companies and opportunities that are changing the world.

If you want to do large-scale open source collaboration, you want to work with the Linux Foundation. Our Collaborative Projects span everything from IoT to Containers to Networking to Drones. We believe that open collaboration is an art form that requires commitment to deeply held values and years of practice and perfection. Through our deep experience with Linux, we accelerate the learning curve for anyone who wants to be part of it. Join a project or start one of your own

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